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Hey welcome! I am Katie, a holistic therapist & yoga teacher/student 


I bring a mixture of vinyasa style yoga with qigong. Having trained with Jean Hall & Mimi Kuo Deemer I fell in love with their beautiful teachings of both traditional Yoga and Daoism. I bring both to my classes & I teach calming flows which will nourish and bring you into harmony. 

I work with your body and what feels good with no strain or force into anything


I specialise in holistic Hawaiian massage. It is much more than a physical massage, using long, slow soothing strokes taking you on a journey back to your true self. I have been trained by Dan Joy the founder of the Stay in Touch team which Time out called ‘One of the best massages in London’. 

I create a super safe space as I guide you through this very special massage. 


I am very passionate about helping others feeling more grounded and calmer in our often very busy, anxious lives.

 I found yoga and alternative therapies  after feeling very lost and anxious in life. I was in and out of dead end office jobs and going through some really dark times. When I reached rock bottom I new it was time to heal myself. This is where I found yoga and holistic massage therapies. 


Life is full of ups and downs and I can help you feel more present and uplifted even when things can get dark. Just like the lotus flower which blooms in murky waters. 

My approach is very soft, calming and light hearted. 

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